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Sample Normal Maps: Brick Wall, Stone Wall, and Background Door

For this sample I used GIMP’s Normal Map plugin. I downloaded a few images that could be used for the diffuse channel of my materials and then tweaked them a bit in order to be able to generate proper bump and normal maps. The names are self descriptive, except maybe for the door. I consider it a background door since the details I added, in my opinion, would be better made with actual geometry if a door with this design is going to be used in the foreground, but if it is going to be seen from a distance this lightweight version would work just fine.

In addition to these few renders (all shots have a version with and another without normal maps), you can also get the original 3DS Max 2011 file, a 3DS Max 2010 compatible file (saved with 2011), and all maps and textures I created for this sample. All of them are in a .zip file in the link bellow.

Download files