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Hail to the King (of the seas) baby!

A few days ago Marvel Comics has announced a relaunch of their Defenders series. Prior to that there were some promos featuring the characters that would be part of the main cast. All except one: Namor, king of Atlantis, the Sub-Mariner (aka their oldest superhero, older than Marvel itself actually). Even the Hulk got one, and he won’t be a regular member of the cast unlike the others. Outrageous. I had to make my own semi-serious parody to correct this artistic injustice.


Valkyre (Marvel Comics)

This is a more realistic character, in contrast to my previous ones. The character in question is one of Marvel Comics’ Valkyres (visual reference). She isn’t rigged, that is why you can see her braids entering her body (easier to model and rig for me).