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Dastardly’s Dream (Python)

February 3, 2010 Leave a comment

Dastardly’s Dream is a simple game (a 2D shooter)  made in Python (with Pygame) based on Hanna-Barbera’s cartoons (in his dreams, Dick Dastardly finally killed that stupid pigeon). I think this sample speaks well of my learning speed and adaptation capability. This is my first real Python software (“Hello World” doesn’t count) and it took me less than a month to learn the language, the framework, make the art and code everything.

If you are interested only on executables, you can download bellow. You won’t need python or pygame to run it, it is stand-alone and there is an exectuable. Source codes and documentation are also available, though to run the game from then it will be necessary to have Python 3.1 and PyGame 1.9 (or compatible newer versions) installed. For convenience, I separated the source code and documentation for the only class meant to be reused (since I was also learning Python I allowed myself to experiment with the rest).

The class in question is called GameLoopManager, and as the name suggests it controls the main game loop/flow (updates the logic and draws periodically, essentially) and its own file includes documentation and a template for classes using it as a base class (the class itself shouldn’t be directly instantiated). The core game code has no documentation file, but was well commented.

Download links:

Dastardly’s Dream (Executable)
Dastardly’s Dream (Source)
GameLoopManager (Source and documentation)
Instructions (also included on the Executable version)

It was programmed using Pythong 3.1 and Pygame 1.9,

Sliding Puzzle

January 2, 2010 Leave a comment

This is a simple example of a game, or a toy in this case, that I developed with Flash cs4/ActionScript 3. It is a simple, clean and functional sample to show coding skills, so there was no need to get too fancy.

Here you can download both the swf and the source code (.fla and .as files).  On the same file you will find a ‘Reuse_Sample.fla” and .swf. That is a sample using the same SGPiece and SGGameField class files, only altering the .fla content, and its main class definition. You will also find documentation for the reusable classes.

Original: Mouse does everything.
Re-using classes sample:
— S – Solve puzzle
— R – Randomizes pieces.

Download documentation

Argonautas DEMO

December 18, 2009 Leave a comment

Heróis Mitológicos: Argonautas (Mythic Heroes: Argonauts, translated from Portuguese) is a game that I developed with some class mates on my first semester at university. It is based on the tale of Jason and the Argonauts. At the time I was the only one with any knowledge of image editing and programming, so for our first work together I ended by being the main ‘artist’ (of sorts) and the main programmer.

This is actually a demo. It has three stages and only one level of difficulty (which is considered to be very hard). Between each stage there is a question related to the story and if answered correctly the health of your character is restored. Originally they would be selected randomly from a larger database, but on this version they’re fixed. It also has a very boring introduction text with the whole myth. It sounded like a good idea when we had to make a dozen changes to the project, but after it was finished we asked ourselves why. The game was created with GameMaker.


Space – Skips screens when possible and start the game (very useful to skip the boring text on the beginning)
Arrows – Movement
Z – Attack (can perform combos), Air Kick (while jumping)
X – Jump
C – Special (When bar is full)
P – Go to Next Stage (added for testing and evaluation purposes)

For the first stage question the answer is 1, for the second it is 3. All the others are wrong.

Download link