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Hail to the King (of the seas) baby!

A few days ago Marvel Comics has announced a relaunch of their Defenders series. Prior to that there were some promos featuring the characters that would be part of the main cast. All except one: Namor, king of Atlantis, the Sub-Mariner (aka their oldest superhero, older than Marvel itself actually). Even the Hulk got one, and he won’t be a regular member of the cast unlike the others. Outrageous. I had to make my own semi-serious parody to correct this artistic injustice.


Valkyre (Marvel Comics)

This is a more realistic character, in contrast to my previous ones. The character in question is one of Marvel Comics’ Valkyres (visual reference). She isn’t rigged, that is why you can see her braids entering her body (easier to model and rig for me).

Cut Man

June 29, 2011 1 comment

Another of my experiments with cell-shading using 3DS Max’s Ink n’ Paint material. This is a boss from Mega Man (yes, the first, yes, I played the original NES series, yes, I’m becoming old). The last picture has a little post production of mine, like the boss intro screen the old games had (did I mention I’m getting old?).

Sample Normal Maps: Brick Wall, Stone Wall, and Background Door

For this sample I used GIMP’s Normal Map plugin. I downloaded a few images that could be used for the diffuse channel of my materials and then tweaked them a bit in order to be able to generate proper bump and normal maps. The names are self descriptive, except maybe for the door. I consider it a background door since the details I added, in my opinion, would be better made with actual geometry if a door with this design is going to be used in the foreground, but if it is going to be seen from a distance this lightweight version would work just fine.

In addition to these few renders (all shots have a version with and another without normal maps), you can also get the original 3DS Max 2011 file, a 3DS Max 2010 compatible file (saved with 2011), and all maps and textures I created for this sample. All of them are in a .zip file in the link bellow.

Download files

Temple of Zeus at Olympia

This is a replica of the Temple of Zeus at Olympia (which was destroyed more than a millennium ago by an earthquake and once housed of one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World ).

The textures used on the renders are only to make the geometry easier to see, the materials are nowhere near historically accurate, so pay them no attention.  As most of my works, this was made having a game in mind so it is low poly. This means some details are ‘missing’ as they would normally be made using textures and normal/bump maps (faster to render and uses less memory) and here I am just showing geometry (the actual shapes of the polygons, the only part with some maps was the roof). The details I mentioned are things like the famous indentations in Greek columns (in this case from the Doric order).

Download model (just geometry, no materials/texture)

Cartoon Batman

This was quite an experiment. There is a long time since  I last modeled a human (or any organic creature) and I never modeled a cartoon character. Since I was already stepping into ‘foreign territory’, I also decided to play with 3D Max cartoon shader/material to see what I could do with that. I am quite satisfied with this relatively low poly (about 2.500 triangles) model.

Flying Machines

In this post I have selected two models of flying machine I made. The first is the Horten Ho 229 airplane (a WWII German futuristic, for the time, prototype of a fighter/bomber airplane that never reached production) and a Spaceship. After I finished and showed to a friend, he let me know it is actually Daedalus from Stargate (now that I think of it, modeling would have been far easier had I know that before).

They are like the opposite of each other (that is why I pair them), the first very organic and aerodynamic, the second is entirely mechanic and it flies on space where there is no need for aerodynamics.