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Hail to the King (of the seas) baby!

A few days ago Marvel Comics has announced a relaunch of their Defenders series. Prior to that there were some promos featuring the characters that would be part of the main cast. All except one: Namor, king of Atlantis, the Sub-Mariner (aka their oldest superhero, older than Marvel itself actually). Even the Hulk got one, and he won’t be a regular member of the cast unlike the others. Outrageous. I had to make my own semi-serious parody to correct this artistic injustice.


Sample Normal Maps: Brick Wall, Stone Wall, and Background Door

For this sample I used GIMP’s Normal Map plugin. I downloaded a few images that could be used for the diffuse channel of my materials and then tweaked them a bit in order to be able to generate proper bump and normal maps. The names are self descriptive, except maybe for the door. I consider it a background door since the details I added, in my opinion, would be better made with actual geometry if a door with this design is going to be used in the foreground, but if it is going to be seen from a distance this lightweight version would work just fine.

In addition to these few renders (all shots have a version with and another without normal maps), you can also get the original 3DS Max 2011 file, a 3DS Max 2010 compatible file (saved with 2011), and all maps and textures I created for this sample. All of them are in a .zip file in the link bellow.

Download files

KARD Quickstart Guide

December 9, 2009 Leave a comment

Kard is a simple pen-and-paper RPG system that I developed to play with common playing cards, which are easier to find and often cheaper than customized dices. It is a generic system focused on fast start, fast gameplay and to be easy to adapt to different settings.

In addition to the guide, there are a few (conceptual) graphic design pieces and an empty character sheet for convenience.

Download links:
Quickstart Guide
Empty Character Sheet

Zombie Outbreak DVD Cover

December 9, 2009 Leave a comment

Zombie Outbreak: A Practical Experience was the game that I and my class mates created for university as our end of course work (2009). At the time I wasn’t going to graduate, but since we had always worked together I decided to anticipate it to so I could make it with them. It was a basically a tower defense in which we added a few minigames.  In this game we were funny while acting serious (at least we tried). Our mood was always to act as if the story was real and a zombie was imminent, what inevitably made no one take us seriously – what they will regret once zombies start popping out.

My task was the design of the cover, rather than the art itself (placement and selection texts, images, etc.). All credits for the art that you see there goes to Paulo Angelo, who was our art director and main 2D artist, and who approved my layout.

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