Dastardly’s Dream (Python)

Dastardly’s Dream is a simple game (a 2D shooter)  made in Python (with Pygame) based on Hanna-Barbera’s cartoons (in his dreams, Dick Dastardly finally killed that stupid pigeon). I think this sample speaks well of my learning speed and adaptation capability. This is my first real Python software (“Hello World” doesn’t count) and it took me less than a month to learn the language, the framework, make the art and code everything.

If you are interested only on executables, you can download bellow. You won’t need python or pygame to run it, it is stand-alone and there is an exectuable. Source codes and documentation are also available, though to run the game from then it will be necessary to have Python 3.1 and PyGame 1.9 (or compatible newer versions) installed. For convenience, I separated the source code and documentation for the only class meant to be reused (since I was also learning Python I allowed myself to experiment with the rest).

The class in question is called GameLoopManager, and as the name suggests it controls the main game loop/flow (updates the logic and draws periodically, essentially) and its own file includes documentation and a template for classes using it as a base class (the class itself shouldn’t be directly instantiated). The core game code has no documentation file, but was well commented.

Download links:

Dastardly’s Dream (Executable)
Dastardly’s Dream (Source)
GameLoopManager (Source and documentation)
Instructions (also included on the Executable version)

It was programmed using Pythong 3.1 and Pygame 1.9,
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