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AS3: LMCustomUtilities

This is a simple library with some utility classes that I have developed as a mean to increase my knowledge on ActionScript 3.0. I personally believe that creating libraries is the best way to get used to a new language and learn more of its features. They are meant to be largely and easily reused, and guaranteeing those objectives requires more finesse than ‘stuff that work, but only for this architecture, new project new code’. That and I also greatly enjoy to build things that other people will use to build other things.

More than a coding sample, it is a documentation sample. It is essential to write a good and clean code for any programmer, it is the minimum required. Documentation of the finished code, on the other hand, is very useful in large teams, but seldom mastered. I believe that being able to do both is one of my best strengths as a programmer.

You can find both the .as files and the documentation (open the index.html files to see it) for them in the links bellow. The documentation was done using javadoc formatted comments in the source code and the .html pages automatically generated with Ortelius.

Download links
Source (.as files)

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