Argonautas DEMO

Heróis Mitológicos: Argonautas (Mythic Heroes: Argonauts, translated from Portuguese) is a game that I developed with some class mates on my first semester at university. It is based on the tale of Jason and the Argonauts. At the time I was the only one with any knowledge of image editing and programming, so for our first work together I ended by being the main ‘artist’ (of sorts) and the main programmer.

This is actually a demo. It has three stages and only one level of difficulty (which is considered to be very hard). Between each stage there is a question related to the story and if answered correctly the health of your character is restored. Originally they would be selected randomly from a larger database, but on this version they’re fixed. It also has a very boring introduction text with the whole myth. It sounded like a good idea when we had to make a dozen changes to the project, but after it was finished we asked ourselves why. The game was created with GameMaker.


Space – Skips screens when possible and start the game (very useful to skip the boring text on the beginning)
Arrows – Movement
Z – Attack (can perform combos), Air Kick (while jumping)
X – Jump
C – Special (When bar is full)
P – Go to Next Stage (added for testing and evaluation purposes)

For the first stage question the answer is 1, for the second it is 3. All the others are wrong.

Download link

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